Hit or Miss?

I’ve gotten away from this a bit. New job and a different priority list has taken this blog from something I really enjoyed to… well, not really that enjoyable. We’ve been busy though, with some hikes and a trip to Portugal (which I probably should document here). Now we’re house hunting, so I can’t even really get into again now.

I have terrible focus… HA!

We’re Floating!

I suppose it’s been awhile since I wrote anything, and I should. If for no other reason than someday our grandkids will ask why we were so lame in July of 2017. Well, our adventures continue, it’s just that lately they’ve been shorter and closer to home. And I realized today that, even though we quite often go out kayaking, I haven’t written once about our time paddling!

Paddling south of Nolan Road

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Cooking rice along the Arkansas River

I have to. I posted on FB recently about a product that doesn’t get a lot of recognition, but we love it. It seems most people love the “Jetboil” compact cooking system for their back country trips, and while I don’t have a lot of input regarding it, I CAN offer a bit about what we’ve come to love on our trips: The Ohuhu Portable Stove … Continue reading Ohuhu!

“Cheap” airfare to Denver. Let’s go!

Flying into Denver Airport

A couple of months ago we were looking at trying to get to the Pacific Northwest. I lived near Portland, Oregon for a number of years and loved it there, and getting back out there is something we wanted to do. I checked airfare, but for over $800 roundtrip for two… uh, no. Wait, what’s that? Airfare to Denver for $500!? Round-trip? For two?! Click, BUY! Continue reading “Cheap” airfare to Denver. Let’s go!

Pharaoh Lake Loop

Saturday Dexter and I made our way into the Pharaoh Lake Wilderness area for an overnight backpack trip. We had a 5k that morning and I had a nap to get in so we opted to leave around 2pm. The good news was the weather looked clear today, but Sunday’s weather was looking wet for the afternoon, and much, much cooler. Lows Saturday night called for mid-30’s and high Sunday was going to be about 55. It was an easy decision to pack the puffy jackets, gloves, and wool hats. Of course we always bring our wet weather gear after learning the hard way not to leave it behind. Ever.

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