Ulysses S. Grant Cottage

Tucked away just north of Saratoga Springs, New York is a little cottage set up on a little hill. With great views toward the east, this little place has an amazing history, and an incredible present!

Grant Cottage was, for a short time, home to General/President Ulysses S. Grant and where he wrote his memoirs. While I won’t delve into all of those details (this is a short blog), I will say there’s a lot out there about him and I highly recommend reading his memoirs (they’re available in the gift shop!).

The cottage is situated at the end of McGregor Road in the town of Wilton. While the term “cottage” sounds nice, it’s surrounded by an old prison, complete with barbed wire fences and guard towers. It’s pretty interesting, but don’t try to enter! It’s still patrolled from what I understand. Besides, we’re here for Grant! I didn’t take many photos, and none inside… but I know I’ll be back!

Looking into the rec field of the old prison.

Book your tour online and visit the gift shop to get started. There’s a short movie explaining how he ended up at the cottage and a little history lesson, then head up to the cottage itself. It’s been unchanged since 1885 (except a few minor things). The tour is absolutely wonderful, and the guides are knowledgeable and answered all our questions. You can see where Grant wrote, and the bed in which he took his last breath. It’s quite moving to be standing there.

From the cottage it’s a short walk over to the overlook, but unfortunately the great vista is interrupted with two massive buildings… the Target distribution center and the Ace/True Value distribution center. Still a nice place to relax and sit, though.

Beautiful views of… Target (left) and Ace (right)

Visiting the Grant Cottage is well worth the time and money. Stop by the gift shop and pick up some things… your support helps keep the place going. It’s highly recommended and you’ll learn more about the man that should get more credit in our history than he does.