About Us

We’re a couple of “older” travelers… at least when I look around at other blog authors. And I think we’re a little cheaper, too. Not like pinch pennies, don’t spend, eat sticks only-cheap, but we do keep a budget and try to follow it. A deal for one might not be a deal for another, an easy hike for one might not be for another, a day… you get it. So we just write about what we know and do, and if there’s a tidbit in there for you (if you actually *found* this LOL), then great!

Off we go! A REALLY windy day boarding a plane…

The tagline here: “Aspire to Explore, Explore to Inspire” we take (somewhat) seriously. We aspire to travel, hike, get out and explore, and in doing so we hope we inspire our children, grandchildren, friends, and YOU to explore the world around.

Whether that world is far away or close to home, we try to make time to “Just Wander”.