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Potash Mountain

Ooooh, it was a brisk one this morning! Started out at 16F and ended at… 16F!!!! We couldn’t remember if we had done Potash Mountain in Lake Luzerne, so last night we were sitting at dinner and thought “did it matter?” The great thing about walking in the woods or hiking a mountain, or running, …

The 47th High Peak

The 47th High Peak that didn’t make the 46er list due to a survey error, MacNaughton Mountain is a 4000’ trail-less bushwack that gets left behind by many since it’s not required to become a 46r. It’s also not for everybody since navigating can be tricky and, depending on the weather, deadly.

Pharaoh Lake Loop

Saturday Dexter and I made our way into the Pharaoh Lake Wilderness area for an overnight backpack trip. We had a 5k that morning and I had a nap to get in so we opted to leave around 2pm. The good news was the weather looked clear today, but Sunday’s weather was looking wet for …