We’re in ICELAND!

Up and at ’em!

September 21 – We were up fairly early and ready to get our adventure started. The place was very comfortable so we got good sleep. AirBnB Melás 9
Reykjanesbær, Southern Peninsula, if you’re interested. Close to the airport and grocery stores.

First thing was first… COFFEE.

We had coffee, a quick breakfast, shower, and then packed our vehicle up. We grabbed a map and a few screenshots of our next destination, Reykjavik. Remember, we had to pick up our tent! And oh wait… FOOD!!! We went to Kronan and stocked up on rice, ramen, and anything we could cook over a camp stove. Bonus grocery didn’t open until 11am.

Driving over here took a bit to get20160921_115809 used to, but we found the camp store without much of a problem. It didn’t look like a camping supply center, but they were well stocked with gear and the proprietor was incredibly nice and informative. He gave us a map and told us how to get on Route 1 north.

It didn’t help. We still got lost, did a bunch of turns, turn arounds, flip flops, etc. BUT, we finally got north on The Ring Road! Heading north the views were already amazing. We followed the Ring Road (1) until we got to Rt 54, then headed toward Snaefellsjoekull National Park. I can’t tell you how many times we stopped for photos and sightseeing, but it was plenty. Just make sure you find a turn-off area. The roads are NOT wide!!! And guardrails are optional it seems. Common sense is a must.


We drove around the peninsula and found a campsite in Stykkishólmur. It was about $24 for the night but had a good bathroom, washer and dryer, and shower. We skipped the shower tonight. It was raining pretty good by now, and the wind was whipping. Whipping so much that someone’s tent flew across our vehicle, prompting me to get out in my boxers and check for damage. There wasn’t any (it was our first day with the car, I would have cried!!!) We slept in the car, which was actually not bad. The wind and rain got pretty intense at times, BUT… WE’RE IN ICELAND!!!