Taking a knee at Goðafoss

20160928_151453“You can wait for the perfect time, but the perfect time is right now.”

In May of 2015 I watched Walter Mitty. I started hiking to prep for Alaska, and I was on a plane a couple of months later. In that time, I joined a group on Facebook and struck up a conversation with a woman that posted a Walter Mitty quote, and we agreed to go hiking sometime in late August. On August 31st 2015, I was standing at the door of the most incredible woman I’ve ever met, and after that date (we went to dinner, not a hike. We figured we should meet first!) I knew that I wanted to wake up every morning with her for the rest of my life.

We were at Goðafoss and I was nervous as hell. Every scenario about how to do it was being tossed around in my head, and finally I found the right time and spot. I handed my camera to a person nearby and asked him to take our photo. He did, and when I asked him to take another he obliged. That’s when I took a knee to propose to “Dexter”. She thought I was falling, but soon realized what was happening!!!

She said YES. YESSSSSSSS!!!!!