A recent hike! Hey!

Dexter and I have been sooo busy at the home front we haven’t really had a chance to stretch our legs it seems. Okay, so we did go to Iceland less than a month ago, but legs need to be stretched more often. 🙂

View from Cat.

Sunday we woke up and had our usual sit-on-the-porch coffee, then got ready to check out a local venue for hosting our wedding.

We dressed in our hiking clothes, and after our appointment headed up to Cat and Thomas Mountains in the Lake George area, arriving around noon. The Adirondacks are currently EXPLODING with color, and this trail takes you up to some amazing views of the foliage! There are plenty of write-ups on the web so I won’t bore you with another, but take care to follow the “beaten path”. Some areas are better marked than others. The views from Cat are much better than Thomas, and we plan to come back during winter because it’ll be absolutely stunning covered in snow.


We had our daypacks with a couple of apples, some gluten free pretzels, two nalgenes between the both of us (one with Gatorade in it), and some snack bars. The trail was a bit longer than anticipated but fun, quiet, and very relaxing. We spent quite awhile on the summit by ourselves, and were out of the trail just after 4pm.

To note, my Salomon boots are JUST beginning to get a small hole in them. They’ve been to Denali and almost all 46 High Peaks in NY, as well as through Iceland. Almost time to retire them! 🙁