Cooking rice along the Arkansas River

I have to. I posted on FB recently about a product that doesn’t get a lot of recognition, but we love it. It seems most people love the “Jetboil” compact cooking system for their back country trips, and while I don’t have a lot of input regarding it, I CAN offer a bit about what we’ve come to love on our trips: The Ohuhu Portable Stove …

The Ohuhu Portable Stove is relatively inexpensive and pretty lightweight. What we love about this little stove is it’s pretty compact, allowing us to either tie it to our pack, stuff it inside, or even put it in our bear can. It’s durable too, with a good 3 prong pot stand that is pretty stable even in windy conditions. You can adjust them depending on pot or pan size as well.

Suggested serving :)
We put it on the ground before lighting

The best thing about this stove is fuel. We’ve carted this around from Iceland to Colorado, on thru-hikes and overnights, and the one thing we can always find are little sticks to shove in there to burn. We pop a couple of solid alcohol tabs (like these) in there to get it going, and then it’s just a matter of boiling water or frying some tuna! If the sticks are wet you can use just the solid alcohol, but so far we’ve not had an issue, even with damp sticks. The air inlet holes and top configuration keep the flames hot and focused, too. After it cools, breakdown is a snap and it compacts into itself easily.

In the 12 months since we started using it, we’ve never had a problem getting a hot meal at night or a hot cup of coffee in the morning. It’s inexpensive, well built, and a great addition to your backpack!