Epic Iceland

September 28 – We woke up, quite aware this was our last day in Iceland.

Simple pleasures!!!
Simple pleasures!!!

As we lay there getting the energy up to get out of bed (it was warm and comfortable!), we talked about the last week and what we were going to do today. One thing for sure, we had to get our coffee started!

We had coffee and picked up the apartment. There were a lot of brochures and maps, so we perused them briefly, then got showered, dressed, and set to go.


We knew we wanted to head to Hallgrimskirkja and that it was about a 30 minute walk, so off we went! I had a map on my phone so a “rough” idea of where to go. It’s the tallest structure around, so hard to miss anyway, right?

We found it alright. The walk there was amazing; the architecture, streets, and busy city life all around. We got to the church and went inside where it appeared to be hosting a wedding photo shoot. We were soon enveloped by a large crowd of fellow tourists that just arrived by bus, so we didn’t stay long. We walked back a different way and soon the smell of a bakery overtook my senses! We found it, and in we dashed. I ordered a big danish and Dexter grabbed a coffee. We sat inside for awhile, then made our way out and about again.

We passed some pretty interesting buildings, schools, sooo many trampolines in yards, as well as small soccer fields set up everywhere it seemed. The city is truly beautiful and not at all intimidating. We eventually ended up Reykjavik City Hall and Tjörnin, the little lake it sits beside. A small group of elderly woman were feeding the ducks and swans, and they asked us if we had visited the Blue Lagoon. Dexter replied we had not, and one of them said “You should go. The Icelandic men are GODS!” Then she giggled and on her way she went! HA!

We headed back to the apartment… kinda. I got mixed up on some streets and we overshot the place by a good 10 minutes, ending up where we were the night before: on the Sculpture and Shore Walk again. I had my bearings so NOW we headed toward the apartment, just a little later than we wanted.

We packed up and loaded the car, cleaned the apartment, and headed out of the city toward the airport. By now we were practically locals (not really, not even close!), so driving was quite different and easier now. We filled the tank, returned the car, and made our way into the airport and our gate. Our adventure to Iceland was all but over, but we carried back with us quite a few souvenirs, hundreds of photos, and memories that will last a life time.

If you ever get the chance to go, Iceland is an amazing destination. The two of us, with airfare and the rental, gas, two AirBnB stays, one hotel room, and some dining out, spent just of $3600 for the 8 days we were gone. An affordable experience for sure.

Have fun, and ENJOY THE ADVENTURE! Just Wander!!!