Tupper Lake Triad

This is a fairly easy hike that is good for pets and children, or for someone like me still getting my hiking legs (and shoulder) back into the swing of things! The Tupper Lake Triad!!!

Saturday morning Dexter and I got up and drove up to Long Lake to meet our friend Dory and her pups, ready to tackle the Tupper Lake Triad. These three mountains are pretty close to each other, although you have to drive between them. Quick, easy hikes (depending on your ability, of course) that reward you with a patch and great views! Or so we’re told… on this day there were no views whatsoever.

We did Coney Mountain first. A small climb with well maintained trails and a fairly bald summit. It was socked in with clouds and mist, but Dory pointed out what we could see if we come back.  Dory took one of the dogs home but would return on the next climb.

Goodman Mountain was next and very similar, although the “views” would have been less anyway due to the trees on the summit. The snow on the trails was compacted well, but off the trail it was wet, sloppy, and deep. We carried our snowshoes and wore our spikes.

Mt. Arab was last and the steepest of the three, but still not a difficult hike. I opted to leave my daypack in the car this time as my shoulder was aching slightly. The firetower on the summit is open and a great destination! Dexter and I climbed up to the top and took a few photos of the area… again, no views. Dexter hates heights but didn’t have a problem on the tower.

We climbed back down and headed to the parking lot. Dory stopped by her place to pick up the first pup, then met us at The Adirondack Hotel for a late lunch and a drink. I recommend if you’re in the area, stay here or eat here! It’s great!

We wrapped up the day early and were home by 7pm… in the hot tub by 7:30! Great little hike we’ll definitely return to in the summer, this time with the kids!