Dexter and I got out to enjoy our first sunrise hike of 2017! The Pinnacle summit is a quick hike perfect for catching the first rays of the day!The parking area was easy to find and empty as we got there at 6:15am Saturday. After sitting in the Jeep for a bit drinking coffee, we jumped out and got our stuff on. As this was only the second hike since my shoulder surgery, I opted again to wear my daypack so I could get used to it and test it on smaller, easier hikes. We left our snowshoes in the Jeep since the elevation is minor and there wasn’t much snow on the ground. We did get our spikes on, though. Each of us sport the Kahtoola microspikes which are amazing on minor ice and inclines. I love ’em!

We started up the trail at about 6:30am, just as the sky was starting to brighten slightly. Dexter had some issues with her headlamp at first but it didn’t stop or slow us down any. The ice was pretty¬†significant but we got to the summit at about 7am. Sunrise was 7:24am, and didn’t disappoint!

We met a young woman up there with her dog and both of them were very exuberant and full of energy! The dog lost a little dog boot on the way up, and so did the young woman… actually both her spikes! Not sure what they were, but they had little metal nubs on the bottoms. We found one and returned it to her, the other we saw further down in the middle of the trail so left it for her to grab.

Toward the trail head we found the little dog boot, so we picked it up and set it on her car. After gearing down, we hopped into the Jeep in search of a nice, hot cup of coffee. The shoulder felt great, and the sunrise was spectacular!!! If you get a chance, hit The Pinnacle. It won’t disappoint!

The Pinnacle