Maine, with NO PETS!

We finally got away for a weekend after a cuh-razy November/ December! Yes, we’ve been locked away at home (kinda) for the most part for awhile, but last weekend we escaped…

We headed to Kittery, Maine for the weekend to relax and have some quiet time. With 4 cats and a boxer, there’s not a moment of peace at the house really. The dog farts, the cats wrestle and dry heave at all hours, and the other cacophony of animal noises that emanate from their little bodies can be downright annoying. Not that we don’t love ’em, but sometimes it’s hard to like them. 🙂

Off we went. The trip was wonderful (mostly, of course), and with a beautiful snowfall Saturday night, it made for a nice snowshoe hike the next day. A good “shakedown” run with new snowshoes and a “new” shoulder Sunday was just what we needed too! If you’ve never enjoyed Kittery or Wells in the winter, I recommend it. I do like the winter, though!